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When with others, the quality of our attention determines the quality of their thinking

I was reminded not so long ago just how rare it was for any of us to listen to someone without ego and for their benefit rather than our own. I posted a tweet paraphrasing Nancy Kline: When with others,

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Tendulkar and the power of the unconscious mind

I was idly listening to the radio over the weekend and happened upon an interview with the great Sachin Tendulkar, the most prodigious talent in modern cricket. More centuries, more tests and more runs than anyone else. He gave an

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Do you ever feel you’ve been down this path before?

I was enjoying an evening out with my wife last night, listening to Ruby Wax ‘waxing’ on about neuroplasticity. And very funny it was too. Not to mention insightful. As I sat there, I was reminded, in a most entertaining

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There is nothing quite like being listened to

I recently had the good fortune to attend the Prince’s Trust’s Mentor Training programme, where I was reacquainted with the concept of listening. Now listening is something a coach or mentor does on a daily basis, it’s core to the

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