“Peter’s work as a coach has received tremendously positive feedback from both those he has coached and their managers, one manager, for example, fed back that the change in their staff member was remarkable. Without doubt he has helped us achieve real traction and establish our coaching programme.”
Organisational Development Lead Public Sector – Health
“Peter created an environment that allowed me to challenge my own views and in-built prejudices on what I was trying to achieve in my life much more than my career. The result was clearer direction for me and my family and to date a successful kick off to my new business.”
Managing Director Global Research and Advisory Firm
“Peter coached me through some very significant decisions…I would recommend Peter on the basis of his professional and skilful approach but also because he is a genuinely nice guy who is a great listener and easy to talk to.”
Senior Manager NGO Sector
“Peter helped me to look at how I was managing my relationships with various directors and executives with the goal to move into a director role. We worked on aspects such as spheres of influence and control and understanding the motives of others…I feel he made a difference in helping me improve my standing in the organisation.”
Senior Manager Broadcasting Organisation
“Peter has immense passion and enthusiasm when providing coaching. He is a great listener, sensitive to individual needs, knowing when to push you on those difficult questions that so often get laid aside with a lame excuse, giving you the tools to stop and rethink your approach. He is also not scared of calling you out when he thinks you are avoiding the question. At each session I attended with Peter I left knowing that I had learnt something new to work on.”
Senior IT Manager Asset Management Company
“Peter is a highly experienced coach. His calm, collective and challenging manner, coupled with a range of techniques, helped drive realistic and measureable goals and provided insight and education to someone who had initial scepticism. I would definitely use him again and strongly recommend Peter to those who are considering using a coach to support their personal development.”
Global Head of IT Solution Delivery Asset Management Company